For the past few months, I've been visiting a nutrition counselor. It's pretty much a fail every time I see her, but it has kindled an interest in taking lunch to work and making better choices. I'll admit. I'm lazy. I am so lazy that I won't even make pizza rolls (unlike Stifler). The best I can do is grab a yogurt and some string cheese and head for the door.

Last visit, my nutrition counselor suggested that I buy in bulk and then divide and conquer. So, I got a huge bunch of grapes, split them into serving sizes and it's kinda been working. Now, I can grab a yogurt AND some grapes. I think she's kinda frustrated at me because I count moving and packing as exercise.

So, the other night, when my boyfriend made macaroni, I was trying to be smart and take my lunch the next day with it. But, the brilliant me packed all the containers. Cursed moving!! So, what do I do? Grab a ziplock bag. Great in theory, right? Yeah... there is nothing like trying to keep a plastic fork from falling in a bunch of macaroni goo, that you can't microwave for fear of it melting and let's not talk about the endless supply of napkins required for holding your bag up while fishing for macaroni. Fail.

Then today, I discovered the answer. Jars.

There is a site that is getting a lot of following about making meals in jars. Salad in a jar to be exact. Basically, you get a jar, fill it with your salad goodies... you can even put dressing in it, and the idea is it stays fresher longer, especially if you vacuum pack it. Well, let's be honest, I'm not prepared to keep up with yet ANOTHER kitchen gadget, but THIS... I can do.

It's catching on like mad too. People are making breakfast in jars... with oats, yogurt and fresh fruit, etc. It's a GREAT idea! And it keeps all those yummy fresh expensive foods that I always forget about and let spoil- fresh. This is pretty dang cool. So, Monday, when she sighs looking at my food diary and peeks in my purse to see if I have another liter Diet Mt Dew in it, I'm going to carry my salad in a jar... because well... it's a JAR!

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