This week... I did a thing. Go ahead, bring on jokes, I can take them.

Since I can remember, I've had a receding hairline. I'm talking about maybe middle school into high school. It wasn't bad enough that it would bother me though, I just had to get used to big forehead jokes at an early age.

However, after high school, things began to go downhill.

My hair began thinning in the front, making my already-receding hairline about a million-times worse. When this began to happen, I quickly adopted a hat lifestyle. Every single day, no matter where I went or what I was doing, I had a hat on. This was true pretty much every day since my employment with K945.

Nearly 13 years of wearing a hat, always. Since graduating high school, I've hosted thousands of radio shows, DJ'd thousands of nights in a nightclub, hosted hundreds of Mudbugs games, hosted hundreds of events, and appeared in hundreds of videos. Yet, I haven't been seen without a hat on any one of those instances.

That all changes today, when I finally decided to make a pretty big move follicle-wise, one that my friends have asked me to do countless times. For any guy, though, the jump to this hair-look is always difficult and rarely exciting for the one making the decision.

With my daughters at my side, I did the thing.

Here you go!




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