Finally, it's time to dive into the Barksdale Bubble.

What exactly is the Barksdale Bubble and how did the phenomenon begin? I feel like I was made for this story. After all, I've devoted countless hours and content to that very subject. I could certainly make the case that no media member in Shreveport history has devoted as much time to the Barksdale Bubble. If there's one thing I love about the Barksdale Bubble it's that the entire city knows about it and is interested in it.

As a content creator, that's a fun thing.

The other reason I love talking about the Barksdale Bubble so much is that it genuinely interests me. I can talk for hours about the Barksdale Bubble, which is why I was so happy when my friends from KSLA reached out and asked if I'd like to help with their investigative piece.

I was excited about the idea and had a blast shooting our short interview. Of course, like most things that involve editing, some of the things I said in the piece were cut just right. No, I don't actually believe that Barksdale has an actual device that can control and manipulate the weather... Or do I?

I love the Barksdale Bubble because it feels like an inside joke that we're all in on. To find out exactly what the Barksdale Bubble really is, or at least what they're willing to tell us, check out the full investigative piece below!





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