I'll be completely honest, I did not expect it to take this long before things returned to normal.

When I was called three weeks ago and began adjusting to working completely from the house, I was thinking I would be right back at the studio within a week or so. Now, three weeks to the day, there's no end in sight.

Like so many of you reading this, I have spent the vast majority of every day for the past 21 days inside my home. This week, I finally got productive. Hard to believe, I know. I spent a few days this week cleaning my house. Understand that I am a bad house-cleaner. This week, though, I went all out. Every single inch of my house, and the ceiling, is completely clean. It honestly feels great, I think the super clean house also helped my general attitude. I've been in the best mood this week.

Other than cleaning, it was a week full of more of the same. I'm back binging The Office now on Netflix. That show also has helped my overall mood.

Plus, I had a great two days with my daughters. This week, they made friends in the neighborhood. They are seven and five years old, so it was my first experience with kids knocking on my door and asking if my daughters wanted to come outside and play. The girls were so happy to have friends, it was kind of exciting.

This week, I'm going to try to sneak into Texas for a round of golf to try to get away from the asylum for a little bit, wish me luck!




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