Let me say this.... The Mighty Krewe of Centaur is ready to roll!

When it comes to Mardi Gras in Shreveport, nothing is going to stop these folks from having a good time. Tonight, I stopped by Centaur's float loading party to simply take it all in, and I must say... I'm beyond impressed.

With the weather as strange as it is and has been the last couple of days, I really didn't know what to expect tonight. I knew, though, that the weather was no deterrent even before I walked in. There was absolutely no place up-close to park, folks had this loading party jammed pack and that was certainly a welcoming sight.

Once I walked in, the music was pumping, the beads were already flying, and everyone and their mamma's were there. The Krewe of Centaur certainly knows how to throw a party, and they flexed their party-throwing muscles tonight, on the eve of their annual parade.

I can say with certainty, no matter what the weather throws at us tomorrow, the Krewe of Centaur will roll and hundreds of thousands of people will be there to experience our first big parade of the year.

Bravo Centaur, job well done!