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Candy fans, rejoice!  David Klein, founder of the world renowned candy giant Jelly Belly, has full gone Willy Wonka!  According to ABC 7  in Chicago, the eccentric jelly bean baron has announced his retirement in the most spectacular fashion - a golden ticket treasure hunt, with the winner getting their very own candy factory!

As far as I know, current labor laws won't let you fire all of the workers and replace them with Oompa-Loompas - but don't let that stop you from searching out one of 50 necklaces hidden across the country.  Each state will have their own winner, and the new factory owner will come from this pool of 50 qualifiers.

On the upside, each person that finds the necklace will also win $5,000 (which is way better than being turned into a giant blueberry, IMHO).  The downside is - it's not free.  In order to get in on this Wonka-ness, you'll need to fork out nearly $50 for the riddle that will lead you to your state's hidden necklace.  The treasure hunt is limited to 1000 participants per state.

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