Did Jonah Hill have to be rescued from the ocean after drunk swimming in Australia? No, but that story was running rampant. Jonah cleared up the rumors, saying he was only wasted and being awesome.

Jonah and Channing Tatum were in Sydney to promote 21 Jump Street, and they jumped in the ocean after sucking down several drinks during their 14 hour flight. It was only 9:30 in the morning there, but they had been flying all night.

Jonah started swimming in the ocean and when he looked back, he was really far out. Some locals yelled at him that he shouldn’t be out that far, so he swam back and got out of the water. But somehow, that story got blown out of proportion and it was being reported that Jonah had to be rescued from the ocean!

Jonah told the local news, "The next day we hear, 'Oh, you had to be rescued by two guys yesterday.' This is like the worst rumor, that I'm some loser who had to be air-rescued. I was a mile out further than any of the locals. I was just being awesome and wasted. I was going to choke a shark on my thighs if it had come to it. We had a blast."