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A brand-new bill was introduced to the Louisiana legislature this week, and if it becomes a law - it would greatly expand the definition of "justifiable homicide."

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According to the report from BR Proud, Louisiana law only considers a killing as "justifiable" if it is committed in self-defense, defense of others, if you "reasonably believe" that someone is likely to resort to violence while committing a robbery or burglary, or to stop someone from "unlawfully entering a space where a person inside the space believes deadly force was necessary to prevent them from entering."

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A new proposal from Shreveport Representative Danny McCormick would add another, legally justifiable reason to use deadly force in the state of Louisiana: To protect your property.

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The wording of this bill brings a little more clarity to what would classify as a justifiable homicide under the proposed law.  According to the report, a killing “committed for the purpose of preventing imminent destruction of property or imminent threat of tumultuous and violent conduct during a riot” would be considered legal.

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