For the past week we’ve been getting complaints about our website not allowing folks to put in the shout outs we give during the morning with Kidd Kraddick at 4:10 and 5:10 with Bristol

I present to you the reason our websites haven’t been allowing you to put in the shout outs so you can get points.


Just about a week ago

Commissioner Mike Williams proposes to outlaw pjs in public AGAIN

The majority of the Caddo Commissioners do not vote to put it on the agenda so the proposed ban is on the shelf.

Only for it to be possibly brought up again at a later date.

It seems as soon as the ban was turned down. YOU not able to put in your shout outs. No points … no prizes. You keep getting kicked out of the system. Mass chaos!

At first we assumed it was an IT problem and that they needed to get it together!

Do you think there is a correlation between, our websites malfunctioning and the pajama ban? I mean consider we here at K945 are the biggest opponents of the proposed ban!

Is this all some big conspiracy to discredit our radio station? Did he pass some secret ban on radio stations giving away prizes? Is he a pajama wearing hacker in disguise? Shady governmental agencies at work here only Tom Clancy could imagine!??!?!

I shudder to think.

Stay tuned as we figure this thing out.