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Here at K945, generally speaking, if there's a joke being made Jay is probably the butt of it. And as much as we'd like to spend some time right now making fun of Jay Whatley for any number of things (like his Fedora collection), we're going to let all that slide. Because now is not the time to make fun of his wardrobe, his leopard print shoes or anything else. Today, Jay Whatley is not the butt of a joke. He's a winner.

Every year, SB Magazine puts together an 'End of Year' list that celebrates the best in the community .Everything from best burger to best DJ. And this year, Jay Whatley was able to lockdown one of those awards.

Jay was named "The Best Celebrity DJ of 2020"! How awesome is that? And it's not like he was the only name submitted this year either, he had to beat out a lot of stiff competition. Bay Bay and SkillzPlus also got some kudos for being top DJs in the area as well.

So, congratulations to our very own DJ, Jay Whatley. If you want to check it out or see some of the other amazing award winners (including Gary & Bristol on our sister station Kiss Country 93.7), you can check out this month's issue of SB Magazine here.

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