We’ve now gotten our first glimpse of KATY PERRY making her big-screen debut as Smurfette in the upcoming film The Smurfs, due this August.  The trailer for the movie is now online and starts off on a deceivingly serious note, making the film look like a flick about an alien invasion.  But it quickly turns comedic by revealing that mysterious glowing lights and streaks in the sky of New York City are being caused by the arrival of the blue Belgian creatures, including Katy's Smurfette.

In the trailer, Katy plays Smurfette as sweet and coy, in a scene that mimics MARILYN MONROE's famous "billowing skirt" scene from The Seven Year Itch. The trailer also features the movie's live-action stars NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and Glee's JAYMA MAYS.  It's not the first time Katy and Neil have shared a screen -- Katy recently guest-starred in his sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Coincidentally, Katy's husband RUSSELL BRAND will also be lending his voice to an animated character in a movie this year.  He provides the voice of E.B., the teen son of the Easter Bunny, in the movie Hop, due in theaters April 1st.

This is crazy!  I watched "The Smurfs"  every Saturday morning as a kid.  I do NOT believe they exist, nor that a movie was necessary.  I am all for a new generation getting a dose of the little blue creatures.  I don't know why every movie had to be in 3D though.  It makes my nose sweaty.