Katy Perry was quite the method actress in her video for ‘Part of Me,’ where she enlists in the Marines to regain her strength after a breakup. Turns out the singer employed real female members of the Corps to increase the authenticity.

“I used only Marines, no actors or actresses,” Perry confirmed in her interview with MTV before the vid aired. “It was me and the Marines. For three days, I was a wannabe Marine. It is so difficult. Can I tell you how much more respect I have for people in the service?”

The military servicewomen taught Perry how to flip someone on their back, how to wrestle under water and she ate “MRE,” which are “meals ready to eat.”

Perry also acknowledged that she likes to take chances with her videos, saying, “I like to challenge myself.” She also addressed the aggressive nature of ‘Part of Me,’ saying, “It’s an affirmation of strength, so I wanted to go the strongest route that I possibly could with the video. I wanted to join the service, use the actual base.”

Post premiere, Perry spoke about the forthcoming release of ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection,” saying that is closes the book on the album, which yielded No. 1 hit after No. 1 hit. She stated that if you are on the fence with her, this could push you into full-on fandom. She said that it’s also more for the diehards.

Perry also referred to ‘Wide Awake,’ the new song that sounds like it was inspired by her split with Russell Brand, confirming that it was recently penned. “I knew we’d do a re-release, so I knew I gotta get in the studio, since I can’t wait eight months to put out this feeling, that I am feeling now,” she said. “I had two days to write and I wrote it with my crew. I had two days to record. I submitted the lyrics before I submitted the music.”

In addition to needing to get the emotion out, she also wanted to include it for her documentary that’s coming out. “Not only did I write the song because I needed to flush that out of my system, I wrote it for the film as well,” she revealed.

Perry’s collabo with Rihanna also came up. She said she wants it to make an impact. She referenced ‘Beautiful Liar’ again, which she denied dissing, saying she wanted to try something a little more brave, but deemed the video “sexy as hell.”