Kristen Stewart as Snow White? Will Ferrell joins the office? And Justin Bieber at the Super Bowl? We'll tell you all about it with today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. Here's some quick casting news. Kristen Stewart has been approached to star in "Snow White and the Huntsman." Obviously, she would be Snow White. Other actresses have screen tested, but the studio wants Kristen. And she doesn't even have to test. Also, Will Ferrell will do four episodes of "The Office" to help fans traumatized by the exit of Steve Carell get through the transition. And Diddy has signed on for an episode of "Hawaii Five-O." He'll play a NYC detective named Reggie Williams, who heads to Honolulu to find the men responsible for a crime against his family and get his revenge

4. Justin Bieber will be a part of the Super Bowl entertainment! He's starring in a Best Buy commercial alongside Ozzy Osbourne. Best Buy says Justin is the biggest star out there, but that's not why he's in the spot. They say he symbolically represents something important to the brand message. I guess we'll find out what that is on Super Bowl Sunday.

3. Eddie Cibrian realizes his image took a hit when he and LeAnn Rimes left their spouses for each other. So he's reportedly hired an image consultant who's made some changes in Eddie's life. First, he made him dump the Porsche and buy a Prius. He also made Eddie leave his buddy at home and take his son to the Lakers game. He would also like to see Eddie get a job because right now, he's being perceived as a freeloader. And finally, he wants Eddie and LeAnn to both lay low for a while. No tweeting and no interviews.

2. Kate Hudson says yes, she's pregnant. But no, she's not engaged to baby daddy, Matt Bellamy of Muse. Kate says she and Matt have a couple of names they're bouncing around for the baby, and while she doesn't know what she's having, she feels like it will be a girl. She says her son Ryder thinks it's a girl, too.

1. So last week, "People" reported that Jake Gyllenhaal flew to Nashville to take Taylor Swift out to dinner. Now we're learning a bit more about what led to that post-breakup date. So Jake and Taylor hooked up in November and he ended up dumping her over the phone right before Christmas. He spent the next few weeks hitting on everything female that moved while Taylor was said to be blind-sided and devestated that he dumped her out of the blue like that. Realizing that he needed to do some damage control, Jake flew to Nashville to give Taylor "closure." So no, they're not getting back together. They just expressed all their feelings, got their closure, and now they can both move on.