Do you remember the video rental store?  If not, you missed out on an amazing pre-streaming experience.  The excitement of hearing your parents tell you that you could pick out a movie was exhilarating!  Seeing all of the overstimulating DVD covers for great and terrible movie alike, side by side, on wall after wall of choices was almost too much.  You had to take time and be sure of your pick because you couldn't just exit and scroll through Netflix (for hours) searching for something else you might like better - you were invested in that movie.

If you'd like to experience that nostalgic thrill again (or for the first time, you lucky dog), your chance is waiting 98 miles away in West Monroe.  I know it might sound stupid to drive all that way, fill out a membership application, and stroll through a room filled with choices you could make on your phone wherever you are right now - but it really is magical.

The National Video Superstore in West Monroe has been in business for over 20 years, and for the entire time it has been owned and operated by the Chambliss family.  According to the News Star, this time machine still does enough business to keep the doors open and pay a couple of college kids to run the registers, make membership cards, and restock the returned videos.

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