Looking to make your bank account $1,500 bigger? Who isn't? Get in on the hunt for the cash with the Holiday in Dixie Treasure Hunt! BTW, these clues are killing me!

The 2011 KTBS Channel 3 Treasure Hunt

The 2011 KTBS Treasue Hunt began April 8th and each night a new and exciting clue will be given to take you on a hunt around Northwest Louisiana.

Cash prize of $1500 will be awarded to the lucky person who finds the "treasure." (The "treasure" is actually a card with phone numbers. The finder should call the numbers on the card to receive the cash prize!)

Clue #1:
In Bossier or Caddo the treasure is tucked, you won't need to destroy things unless you're a schmuck.
On public property the search will take you, and clues are here to help and to provoke you.

Clue #2:
City, suburbs or country, clues should help with direction.
If you look toward locations with warmth and affection.

Clue #3:
Caddo was the parish for last year's treasure and people who like to search at their leisure. If you're logical you might start in Bossier but maybe that won't give you the treasure closure.

Clue #4:
If you need help, look from above, and maybe this clue is one you will love. The exact spot's not on Google or Mapquest but you'll be near if you do your best.

Clue #5:
To the deep dark woods the hunt will not lead you but you'll note hills on this treasure adventure.

Clue #6:
Consider gray strands and the number nine and this clue could help you the treasure to find.

Clue #7:
If you are putting a four with that nine, you've got the direction but the treasure you won't find.

Clue #8:
The number 11 should match to a letter and when you pass that you're nearing the treasure.