Lindsay Lohan went off on co-star James Deen on the set of her upcoming movie "The Canyons", and the whole episode was caught on tape.

Sources tell TMZ that the audio was recorded on the third day of filming while Lohan and Deen were rehearsing a scene. Apparently something went wrong and Lohan snapped, "No, can you do it ... Please James, say your line as you're walking over ... cause we're doing rehearsal ... do your f*cking job."

As Deen tried to respond, Lohan continued, "I didn't say anything, I said just walk over ... and do your f**king job."

Finally, director Paul Schrader said, "Alright, I've had it ... I'm tired." "So have I," responded Lohan.

Reports have surfaced that Lohan has been late to set several times, clashing with co-stars and producers and drinking excessively, all of which she denies.

Here's the audio.