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Have you ever noticed that no matter how unique an area is, there are some constants? That's how it is here in Louisiana. No matter what part you visit, you're sure to run into these twenty things at some point! I love the Bayou State, I really do. If anyone else said these things about us, I'd want to slap the tar out of them, but you have to admit, they're true! Some of these are funny and some are sad but true. *sigh*

20 Things that Visitors to Louisiana are Guaranteed to See/Experience

1. Kids chasing an ice cream truck or the mosquito control truck.
2. An abandoned property with tornado/hurricane damage
3. The best food you've ever had in your life.

staff photo
staff photo

4. Mardi Gras beads.
5. Getting or seeing someone drunker than they've ever been in their entire life.
6. Someone carrying an open container of alcohol down the street and no one bats an eye.
7. 'Swamp ass.'


8. Road construction zones with no workers.
9. Drive-thru daiquiris stores
10. Heat stroke on pretty much any day that ends in 'y' during the months of June, July, and August.

Macro close up view of a horse fly, resting standing on a rock.

11. Horse flies big enough to carry away a toddler
12. Hitting 12 potholes in a mile-long stretch of road... and that's being conservative!
13. Crawfish.


14. Sno Cone stands.
15. Someone serving a five-course meal at a tailgate party.
16. Fire ants, cockroaches.

Asian Tiger Mosquito
Photo by Jack Leonard/New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board/Getty Images

17. Mosquitoes as big as Buicks.
18. Slang that the rest of the world doesn't understand.
19. Humidity.

Morris Bart Billboard Bristol

20. Billboards for lawyers everywhere you look!

I'm quite sure you can think of some more to add to the list. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Shoot me a message using our free app or send me an email to

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