I know, right? When I first read that, I about wet my pants. After all, where would we go for church on Sunday or to drop the girls off for a day of movies and good eats? No worries! While the Louisiana Boardwalk has been foreclosed on, it's not closing. The plan is for it to stay open under new management. KSLA says that Bossier City Mayor, Lo Walker, said there shouldn't be a noticeable change in how things are run and that we might see some new stores come in which is always good news to me! Here's what KTBS had to say on the subject:

BOSSIER CITY -- The Louisiana Boardwalk's bank foreclosed on the Bossier City shopping and entertainment complex Tuesday because the Boardwalk's owners were months behind on their payments.

The riverfront development remains in business but under new management.

An attorney for the mortgage holder said shops, restaurants and customers should see no change because of the bank's move.

Bossier Parish sheriff's deputies served the foreclosure notice of seizure at the Boardwalk offices.

If you want to read more, click here to visit the KTBS website. KSLA also has more on this story that you can read by clicking here. Click here to go the the Louisiana Boardwalk's website.