Before this weekend, it seemed like three things were certain for Bossier residents... Death, taxes, and Mayor Lo Walker.

However, things changed Saturday night in Bossier City, when the unthinkable occurred... Lo Walker lost in the mayor's race. I must say, it feels weird typing his name without typing the word mayor in front of it.

Bossier City voted for a big change in this election, and they've decided it's time for a new mayor. Mayor Tommy Chandler is a Bossier City businessman, who has previously served as the president of Crime Stoppers. This isn't his first political run, either, with experience serving on the Bossier Republican Party’s Executive Council.

I must say, when the news came down Saturday night that Tommy Chandler had dethroned the 4-term incumbent, I was quite surprised. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Tommy Chandler yet, but I was elated to see his excitement and joy after winning the election from his party held at Shane's Seafood in Bossier City.

As a Bossier City resident myself, I get excited to see my leaders excited, and I have nothing whatsoever against Lo Walker. I have been around him at several eent and he was always a wonderful, nice man. He served Bossier City proudly for over three decades. Not only did he serve as Bossier City's mayor for 16 years, but he also served as chief administrative officer for 16 years before becoming mayor.

Thank you Lo Walker for all you've done for Bossier City, and congratulations to Mayor Tommy Chandler. I love how he concluded his victory speech... After speaking on his goals and plans as mayor of Bossier City, Chandler said, "Let's party now!"

I like this guy already.



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