One Louisiana homeowner decided to get creative in order to protect his home ahead of this week's storm.

Honestly, I only stumbled across this video earlier today because I have a Twitter filter set for the word "Shreveport". Anytime something is tweeted with the word "Shreveport" in it, I can find it pretty quickly. This video went absolutely viral on Twitter with nearly 1 Million views throughout the day. The tweet that went viral was sent by a verified account named Rex Chapman, and he contributed the footage to Shreveport. Sadly, after extensive research, I discovered this house is actually in Lake Charles. By "extensive research", I mean scrolling through 10 or 15 Twitter replies to the video.

The clip was originally shared by one of our favorites, Reporter Timmy Lane, which may be why Rex Chapman attributed the clip to Shreveport.

Now that that's cleared up, let's get to the good stuff. A Lake Charles homeowner displayed a true stroke of Louisiana genius in order to protect his home. After all, Hurricane Laura was set to be one of the largest and most powerful storms to ever hit Lake Charles. Ahead of the storm, this homeowner decided that he would strap his entire home to the ground, using one single ratchet strap. The strap was hammered into the ground on the left side of his yard, placed all the way across his roof, and hammered back into the ground in his neighbor's yard on the other side.

No update yet on if his stroke of genius was successful in protecting his home.


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