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Love will make you do some crazy things.  Crazy, stupid, and sometimes absolutely illegal things - at least when it comes to 29-year-old Justin Pope from Downsville, Louisiana (pictured above).

According to reports from Newsweek and The Smoking Gun, Pope was arrested earlier this week after a crime he committed back in 2019 finally came to the surface with devastating results.   Pope reportedly admitted that he stole a very valuable ring (valued at $4,499) from his then-girlfriend's (identified as 40 year-old Samantha Futch) house in Downsville.

According to investigators with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, the love-struck thief admitted to the crime and added that his next step was to pawn it.  Amazingly, he used the ill-gotten gains to put a down payment on an engagement ring for the same woman he stole it from!

Apparently, the ploy worked (temporarily, at least) - as the couple were still an item until recently.  Since the official report lists separate address for the couple, and the brazen theft of a pricey ring - I am going to put my money on the "no longer together" bet.

Unfortunately, the stolen ring is a total loss.  According to Pope's confession, he tried to get the ring back - but it had already been melted down for scrap.  He was arrested, but has since been freed on a $500 bond.  This was the first mark on his criminal record.

The big mystery that remains is this: How did she find out?  The original theft happened almost 2 years ago.  That may be a question we never get the answer to, but I have my theories - and they all lead to her calling the cops.

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