It Has Started, We Are Seeing Everyone Make Their Way to the Lake and Beach.

The Louisiana heat has us all craving some body of water and although there is no way to escape the heat, there is a way to somehow enjoy the outdoors with a big ole body of water. We are being warned and reminded about the dangers of water and our kids. Do your kids know how to swim? If your kids were to fall into a lake or pool could they float and survive?

Last year a swimming teacher's TikTok video blew up after she told parents to never put their kids in a blue bathing suit. Blue bathing suits are tough to see in pools, so it's hard to keep track of your kids and make sure they are safe. It turns out it isn't just a blue bathing suit to worry about.


A New Study Has Parents Worrying About More Than Their Kids Swimming Skills.

Can a lifeguard spot your kid if they fall in the water? What happens if you're enjoying a day near a pool and one of your kids falls in? Will anyone notice? There are three colors that parents need to avoid at all costs.

A company called Alive Solutions did two different studies. One was in a lake and the other was in a pool. They found that three colors are hard to see in the water. The colors to avoid are light blue, light green, and white. What color do they suggest you put your kid in? Neon orange is the best color for a bathing suit because it is easier for a lifeguard to keep track of.

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