[UPDATE 7:38 p.m.] Several locals who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon are reported to be unharmed. Of the 10 Shreveport and Bossier City natives who actually started (12 were registered), we've heard that many, including Wallace Robertson and Jeff Thomas, finished the race prior to the explosions and were not injured. Four of the Shreveport runners, however, currently only have halfway times listed by the Boston Athletic Association.

[ORIGINAL STORY] The Boston Athletic Association currently lists 95 Louisianians as registered in the 2013 Boston Marathon. Early Monday afternoon, two explosions rocked parts of Boston along the race route, injuring dozens and killing two.

Cell phones have been disabled in Boston to prevent an accidental detonation of any other explosives possibly still undiscovered. Call 617-635-4500 if you need info on a loved one in the race.

In our original report, we listed four Shreveport and Bossier City residents as registered in the Boston Marathon. We now have the full list:

Glenn, Brittany M. 21 F Bossier City

Miccoli, Cara E. 25 F Bossier City

Thomas, Jeff 57 M Bossier City

Bright, Frank 70 M Shreveport

Burlet, Elodie 26 F Shreveport

Huff, Christopher S. 35 M Shreveport

Nanda, Laura 51 F Shreveport

Robertson, Wallace Y 52 M Shreveport

Van Savage, Elizabeth 50 F Shreveport

Van Savage, John G. 50 M Shreveport

Walter, Lisa 46 F Shreveport

Walter, Robert 46 M Shreveport

No word yet on whether any of the above locals were wounded.