It's No Secret That Louisiana Loves Christmas.

We have an entire town that is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful festivities that come with Christmas. If you have yet to experience the Christmas Festival in Natchitoches you are selling yourself short on the magic of Christmas.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Which Means We are All Putting Up Our Christmas Trees.

Are you even in the South if you're not putting up your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving? Some families make it a huge celebration where all hands are on deck to celebrate and decorate.


Yes, there are all these horrid stories of the dangers of Christmas trees and the damage they have caused. We have all heard the stories of people accidentally bringing in birds into their homes because the birds were trapped in the Christmas trees right? Sometimes there are things hiding in the branches.

You May Have to Have Someone Be on Christmas Lump Duty.

What is this person looking for? They need to look out for what almost looks like a weird pinecone. It's like a walnut-sized egg mass. What is this weird-looking pinecone-type thing? It's anywhere from 100 to 200 Praying Mantis eggs.

What Do You Do If You Spot a Mantis Lump?

Just clip the entire branch and take it out to your garden. No one wants 200 praying mantes walking around their living room right?

Several News Outlets are Trying to Raise Awareness.

You can see one of the interviews below.

Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts This Year According to Shreveport

Christmas Cryptids From Around The World

Living snowmen, kid-eating cats, witches, goblins, and more. Christmastime is actually full of a ton of monsters, not just Santa.

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