The state of Louisiana has found themselves as the focus of multiple Saturday Night Live sketches over the last few seasons. Its been noticeable that Louisiana, and Louisiana related characters, have been getting featured more and more. But we think we've figured out why.

Its not that Louisiana hasn't been a part of Saturday Night Live in the past. The state has been referenced in sketches since the show hit the air. Just think of well known sketches like The Cajun Man, where Adam Sandler created a long-term character who just used one-word jokes. But for about 5 years, the number of Louisiana sketches has increased by a noteworthy percentage. So what changed?

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It might be the addition of Andrew Dismukes to the SNL writing staff (and now featured actor). Dismukes is of Cajun decent, and graduated high school at Port Neches - Groves High School on the Texas/Louisiana border. Reading through his social media, you will see multiple references to Louisiana, especially in relation to his grandfather.

Dismukes joined SNL as a writer in 2017, and joined the cast in 2020. He was listed as a Featured Player from 2020 to 2022, when he was then moved to Repertory Player, where he remains.

The increase in Louisiana sketches appears to be in line with Dismukes increased role with SNL. Not only that, but Dismukes seems to keep appearing in the Louisiana related sketches.

Check out some of the SNL clips we're talking about here:

Louisiana Sketches Saturday Night Live Got Away With

Saturday Night Live has been going on a run of Louisiana related sketches mixed in over the last few seasons. But its not new for them to visit the Bayou State, because Adam Sandler and John Goodman used to run on the state during the 90s episodes too.


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