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I think we can all agree we're unique here in Louisiana and there are only a few things that we can all agree on, but this happens to be one of them! I laughed out loud when I ran across Dee Walker aka shoebiz35's TikTok video that perfectly describes the mentality Louisiana peeps.

Yes, folks who live in New Orleans will sleep through a hurricane. And yes, people in Baton Rouge will sleep through crazy weather as well. In Shreveport, we're so accustomed to our high crime rates, that we don't bat an eye at hearing gunfire, much less get out of bed to check it out... but there is one thing that is serious enough to interrupt our sleep here in Louisiana and that's your fan turning off in the middle of the night!

Maybe the white noise provided by a box or oscillating fan blocks out the sound of storms or gunfire, but you just can't replace that nice cool breeze. And if you're like me, you also have your ceiling fan on high and the air conditioner set somewhere between 68 - 72°. That's right, we scoff at the EnergyStar.com 'experts' who say we should set our thermostats to 78° at night. They're nuts or have never spent any time in the South.

@shoebiz35Where My Louisiana People At? Even If you Visited Louisiana Where You At? #♬ oklahoma be like.. - n i c e k i d d

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