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The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Association knows that people love hauntings in Louisiana. Not just the people who live in Louisiana, but travelers who come to the state as well. The "haunted tourism" industry seems to be growing year after year, and Louisiana is the perfect place for it.

Sure, other states have hauntings too, but it's really hard to top what Louisiana has to offer.

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The two things that seem to go together with this topic are history and hauntings. Where there's more history, there's more hauntings. You rarely find a brand new apartment complex with a haunted past...unless it was built on a historic burial ground, or something of that nature.

Louisiana is packed with history in every corner. Cities like Shreveport and New Orleans are loaded with historical references and sites. Which happen to also tie into multiple hauntings.

So lets take a look at what the Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Association put together for their list of the Most Haunted Spots in Louisiana:

Louisiana B&B Association's 5 Most Haunted Spots in The State

The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Association has named their 5 Most Haunted Spots in the state. You can see their full post here.

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