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Halloween seems to be growing every year. Stores are stocking Halloween merchandise and decorations earlier in the calendar every year. It also feels like more and more people are excited to decorate, dress up, and hand out candy.

Dressing up on Halloween is big business too. With Americans estimated to spend over $10 billion on the season. Yes, BILLION with a "b", that's not a typo.

Sure, a lot of that is spent on Halloween candy (probably going to cost more this year than it did last year) and decorations (especially the giant outdoor decorations), but a good chunk of that money will be on costumes. From masks to makeup, full costumes to props, there is a lot of money in the Halloween costume business too.

Every year you see people who want to come up with a really unique costume, but for the most part, people are all looking for the same thing. In fact, there always seems to be one big winner every year. Usually in a Presidential election year, you'll see a lot of candidate masks, but often its the biggest movie or music of the year that commands attention from Halloween costume shoppers.

Check out the last couple decades of top costumes here...

Top Halloween Costume Every Year Since 1980

We looked at a ton of lists and rankings to try and figure out what the top costume was every Halloween. No two lists really match, and some just didn't make sense, so we did all the research, then ranked what we found.



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