You know your celebrating Mardi Gras in Louisiana when...

Yep, these things tend to happen in our state. A state that religously celebrates Mardi Gras, an event where the party simply never ends and can put us into some... Uh... Strange situations.

That was certainly the case for one Louisiana woman, who was filmed trying to literally flip back over her sideways-sitting car.

According to the woman, who tweeted about the incident, the car was a rental and she flipped it on it's side while making a sharp turn. The most miraculous part of the story, is that she somehow wasn't arrested and/or charged with DUI, and ended up making it to work that night.

The video itself is absolutely insane. In the footage, we see her trying to flip the car right-side up, and for at least a second or two, it actually looks like it's possible. She got it to move, by herself, quite a bit.

Check it out!


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