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Honestly, this was a blow for me.  When it comes down to the best of the best of Christmas movies there's only one choice for me - Elf.  This incredible 2003 holiday film is (in my humble opinion) not only the role that Will Farrell was born to play, but the one that gets me into the Christmas spirit the fastest.  I thought surely, my fellow Louisianans (Louisianites?) would be able to see the clear and simple truth as I have.  I guess I took a wrong turn at Candy Cane Forest, because I was way off.

According The ArkLaTex Homepage, Buddy the Elf is the king of Christmas flicks in 15 states - but not Louisiana.  We're not even into the 2nd or 3rd most cherished holiday character (the Grinch and Rudolph, respectively).  I'm really worried about our life choices, because it's Billy Bob Thornton’s "Willie Soke" from another 2003 holiday "classic" Bad Santa.  On top of that, we were the only state to pick him!

Look, I got no problem with Santa as an alcoholic, petty thief.  Willie has his (very base) charms - he just can't hold a Christmas tree-shaped candle to my boy Buddy.  I'd love to tell you that some other state got someone worse, but I can't.  Out of the entire list Mr. Soke is the worst.  I mean, we could've had Kevin McAlister (the kid from Home Alone) or at least John McLane (Die Hard) - but no, we have to get the sex addict in a Santa suit.


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