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Every year, we get into the same argument: What is and what isn't a Christmas movie?

You would think that after decades of back and forth over what criteria a film must meet in order to be considered a Yuletide flick we could have come to some agreement - but no.  The debate still rages on over the movies I've included in the list.

Personally, I think any movie that gets you into the holiday spirit qualifies.  Unfortunately that's too libertarian of a stance for most folks.  Apparently (based on the quagmired status of this argument), we need to make some hard choices.

If we can agree that the movie not only has to get you feeling jolly, but also that the events of said film could not have occurred if not for Christmas - I think we can finally put this to rest.  If not, I can certainly give you more ammunition for your argument.

Are These Films Still Considered 'Christmas Movies'?

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