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One of the hardest things to deal with when you go off to college is the folks you leave behind.  Packing up your stuff and moving is nothing compared to saying goodbye to loved ones like your mom, dad, or dog.  Thanks to a recent change in policy at one Louisiana university, it looks like that list of goodbyes just got one name shorter.

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According to a report from KSLA, Nicholls State University will be the home of Louisiana's first pet-friendly residence hall in the fall of 2022.  While one might assume that pet-loving advocates swayed the administration to make the change, it was actually Hurricane Ida that brought this about.

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The late-summer storm that brought so much devastation to southern Louisiana drove families (and their pets) to seek shelter.  Some NSU students and their families sheltered at the university.  This phenomenon led policy makers to speed up the plan to allow pets in certain residence halls they were already considering.

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As of the fall semester of this year, NSU's North Babington Hall will be the very first in the entire state to allow students to bring their pets to live the college life with them.  The hope is that students who are able to live with their pets will benefit both psychologically and socially.  The school is even planning to build a dog park for the furry freshmen.

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Currently, the option to have a pet at NSU is only open to cats and dogs - and the pet-friendly accommodations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students that will be responsible for providing vet and vaccination records.

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