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Do you know what the Mandela Effect is? Its this really weird shared experience of false memories. Basically, we all remember the same thing...but it's wrong.

The name comes from the idea that former South African President Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, when he actually didn't die until 2013. The term was coined in 2009, when Mandela was still alive, but many people believed he had died previously.

But Mandela Effect isn't just that people are misremembering events or terms, its that people share vivid, false memories of the events. With Nelson Mandela, many believe they remember the specific news coverage of his death. TV news coverage, radio coverage, newspapers...they believe they have memories of these things, and others share similar memories.

This isn't an isolated phenomenon either. It's not just people in New York, or Michigan, or California. This is an everywhere phenomenon.

Just talking to people in the offices here in Louisiana, multiple people share the same false memories on multiple events. Just a quick quiz about Pokemon, Disney movies, bologna, and Monopoly proves that Mandela Effect is real, and it impacts local residents.

Check out some of these wild Mandela Effect examples.

Mandela Effect Examples

Simply Psychology defines Mandela Effect as an idea that follows these general rules:

The three prominent features of the Mandela Effect can include:
  1. Recalling entire events that simply did not happen.
  2. Having warped memories where some aspects are partly or wholly false.
  3. Several unrelated people share almost identical contorted or inaccurate memories.

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