Maybe this is the same thing we're experiencing with these big BOOMS at Camp Minden.

A video has gone viral showing a humongous explosion at an ammo depot. The video is getting viewed like crazy due to the sheer size and visual kaboom of the explosion.

This particular massive eruption happened at an ammo depot in the Ukraine. That, in itself, should be that interesting... But when you dig a little deeper, it get's head-scratch worthy pretty quick.

This is not the first explosion of it's kind in the Ukraine. Not too long ago, and eerily similar explosion took place at an arms depot there. Personally, I don't take too much out of that considering we get house-shaking kamooms near Camp Minden all the time, but apparently some in the Ukraine now believe Russia is behind this.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the gigantic explosion, which you can see below.


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