I wish I was 1/20th as strong as this car-moving beast!

Some guy in Turkey has gone viral for no reason other than being an absolute monster. Seriously, you know how ants can lift objects that weigh 5,000 times their own weight? Yea, this guy is pretty much the human version of that.

He's a Turkish body builder, but recently he proved that those guns aren't just for show.

I don't know his name yet, but for now, you can just call him daddy.

He was actually at his aunt's house when they realized some car had parked right behind his aunt's car, essentially blocking her in. Naturally, this Behemoth wasn't having any of that. So he did what every loving nephew would do and literally PICKED UP THE CAR AND MOVED IT OUT OF THE WAY.

The best part? The human tow-truck pulled off the manliest move imaginable, while wearing Crocs!