The question for instant riches has come true for a single ticket holder in Indiana. In last night's Mega Millions multi-state lottery game a single winning ticket was sold in that state. That means somebody is holding a ticket that is worth over $540 million.

There were certainly other winners in last night's drawing. There was a $1 million ticket sold in Louisiana. It appears as if that ticket was purchased in the Slidell area. There were also a lot of $5,000 winners too. There are many ways to win when you play Mega Millions so double check your ticket to see if you at least got your money back.

The jackpot for the game will now return to a starting position of at least $15 million for Tuesday's drawing. That's still a lot of cash but it somehow doesn't hold the allure of $540 million. I can only hope for the winners that the financial windfall will be a blessing and not a curse.

Here are the  Friday July 8,2016 winning numbers: 8-19-20-55-73- MB 5