Growing up Steve Erwin the Crocodile Hunter was always one of my favorite shows so when he passed away it was tragic. Erwin's death was one of the hardest celebrity deaths for me to get over. Since then his son seems to be following in his footsteps and his daughter is building a career all her own as well... But now there's someone being called the New Steve Erwin.

His name is Mike Holston and he is the 24 year old zoo keeper/ social media star from Miami. While I haven't seen many videos of him out in the wild he has had some crazy interactions with animals. From taking baths with Anacondas to swimming with leopards you can tell he has a love for the animals.

He also has a deep respect for Steve Erwin and all the amazing work he did in his life showing the beauty of nature. You can tell that by all of the posts on social media dedicated to the late zoo keeper.

With a gigantic social media following we can only assume that soon we will see Mike Holston with his own show!

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