The Mudbugs kicked off their season last week with two home wins, but the big winner was the Penalty Bock.

Let me start by saying this.... I LOVED last year's Penalty Bock lager. Red River Brewing was the producer of that fine product last season, but this season, there's a new beer sheriff in town.

Flying Tiger Brewery stepped in this season to give the beer a new twist. The lager, now served in a sweet can dawned with Mudbugs teal and purple, has some pretty big shoes to fill. I was a little skeptical Thursday night before I tried the new product. Of course, my skepticism comes from my downright love for last season's edition.

However, my doubts were quickly wiped away by the time I downed my first sip.

This lager is definitely different from last year's, but in a good way. It has a very unique, lighter taste to it, but still packs a wonderful favor. Flying Tiger somehow found a way to make a Mudbugs home game even more enjoyable.