Since I have been moved in I haven't really went out and ventured. This week, however, I got out and really explored with The Morning Madhouse and my boyfriend who is brave enough to let me drive.

Monday was my first day at work and back on air with my boys.Tuesday I got more introduced to everyone at Townsquare Media. I had to endure an awful What the Heck wednesday which was disgusting and awful. Thursday, we had our first remote all together. ACHIEVEMENT: On my way home from the remote at Caddo Paint, my phone died. So I was without a GPS the entire 20 minute drive home. I made it! I felt so accomplished. Saturday, The morning madhouse and family went to the Heart Walk at LSU Shreveport then Tucker, the boyfriend, and I went to Red River Revel.

Overall, a very busy week but I am so excited to be to get to know the area.