Today Is a Day to Celebrate Our Pandemic Lockdown Buddies.

My dog Olive got me through the pandemic lockdown and I am so grateful for her. She will always be there to greet me after a long crazy day of work and I love her for it. So since today is National Dog Day I have to make her day like she makes mine.

Although September 22nd is National Make a Dog's Day I believe that today is a great day to make your dog's day.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Here Are Some Ways You Can Make Your Dogs Day.

  1. Take them shopping. My dog Olive loves trips to Home Depot and Lowe's. Of course, her favorite trip of all is a trip to Petsmart.
  2. Take your dog to get a burger. Did you know restaurants like 5 Guys allow you to take your dog and enjoy their patio? The crew also serves up delicious patties just for your K-9 companion.
  3. Enjoy a hike or a long walk. It's not crazy hot right now, which means your puppy can actually enjoy a long walk without suffering from heat exhaustion.
  4. Enjoy your coffee on a patio. Instead of hanging out inside of Rhino or Starbucks, choose the patio and bring your favorite 4 legged coffee date. Make sure you bring their water bowl.


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