If you know anyone who isn't working, but really wants to - good news!  The South Florida Water Management District is looking for 50 able-bodied men and/or women to tackle a growing problem in the bottom part of the Sunshine State.  The SFWMD needs snake wranglers.

The problem started when some Florida residents bought exotic Boa Constrictors and Pythons as pets.  When these slithering foreigners got too big, some less than responsible owners set them loose on the swamps and marshland that dominate the southern part of the state.  These predators have no natural enemies in this part of the world, and nature has run her course.  Now, with plenty of food and a comfortable habitat, these snakes are getting huge and multiplying.

According to the News-Press, the SFWMD has been supplied with $750,000 in additional funds in order to fight the invasive and legless threat.  Authorized agents will also be able to earn bonuses depending on the amount and size of snakes sent to that great slithering ground in the sky.  The district will also award hunters that discover and destroy nests with eggs.

The program actually started 2 years ago, and has been wildly successful.  Since the hunt began in 2017, nearly 2,500 big snakes have gone to that big swamp in the sky.

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