If You Think You Have a Degree in Being Petty Think Again.

The San Antonio Zoo has a genius in the marketing department, well either a genius or a scorned lover but we are not complaining. Sometimes you can't unleash cockroaches or rats in your ex's home but you know what you can do? You can name a rat or a cockroach after that horrid ex and then feed the pest to an animal in the zoo.


Sure This is Passive Aggressive Behavior, However, Who Said We Were Going to Be Better and Not Bitter on Valentine's Day?

If you promised to be better not bitter this year, then this information isn't for you. However, if revenge is on the menu for you we have just the recipe for you.

The San Antonio Zoo is Holding Its "Cry Me a Cockroach" Fundraiser.

You can name a cockroach after your ex, and on Valentine's Day, they'll serve it up as a treat to one of their animals and it's only going to run you $5. What if your ex was a snake in the grass? Fork over $25 and they'll take things a step further and name a pre-frozen rat after the ex and then feed it to a reptile.

Once you've made your order, just watch on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, for the zoo's ‘Cry Me A Cockroach!’ feedings on their social media pages.

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