Along with allowing Louisiana teachers to now take maternity leave if they adopt a child, there are tons of new laws that will affect educators, parents, and (of course) our kids that you need to be aware of.

Act 410 requires "In God We Trust," to be displayed somewhere in the school, and also mandates that students be taught about the motto by 5th grade.

Act 369 will enact measures that allow educators to help parents block porn on their home computers.  If you have kids in Louisiana Public Schools, look for information on this coming home with your kids in the 2018-2019 school year

Act 154 will require students to take and pass a financial education class that will teach them the long lost art of balancing a checkbook and other practical ways to prepare them for the real world.

Act 300 will also focus on the not-so-common sense anymore segment of education by teaching students how to avoid shaken-baby syndrome. (hint - don't shake the baby).

All-in-all there are 15 new laws set to take effect for the next school year.  A lot focus on better access to records and educational plans for parents and some nutritional changes for kids.  Check out the details on all of the laws set to take effect August 1st by clicking here.

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