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After a marathon bill-signing and veto spree, the legal landscape in Louisiana has changed - especially for medical marijuana patients.  These new laws for legal cannabis users are about to make getting their medicine a lot easier to get.

the cannabis leaf and judge gavel

According to the report from Marijuana Movement, one such bill (HB 697) that received  the gubernatorial seal of approval will have a huge impact on the availability of medical pot by allowing the 9 legal dispensaries that operate in the state to build and operate satellite locations.  Unfortunately, that won't allow for any new legal start-ups in Louisiana, but it will mean that those 9 legal shops will each open several new locations.

Anton Shelepov
Anton Shelepov

Another new law of concern for medical cannabis users is the introduction of out-of-state reciprocity.  It's actually 2 new laws for visitors that have obtained a legal prescription for marijuana in their home state.  The first would allow these guests to purchase legal marijuana products in our state, and the second would protect them from prosecution should they be found with it in our state - just to make sure it's clear.

Medical marijuana buds

Amongst the other laws of concern to cannabis users is a new development in who can recommend it to you.  Previously, only a licensed doctor could provide the legal path for treatment - now, it can also be done by a nurse practitioner.

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