When I was preparing to move to Shreveport I was doing some research and fell upon all of these stories about how Louisiana has tons of Big Foot sightings. As a fan of cryptozoology  and myths, this was a dream come true for me. This made me 10 times more excited about moving to the SBC.

I also found that Louisiana will be apart of the first episode of a new series on Destination America.

According to Destination America, a new show called Killing Bigfoot will be airing their first episode that a hit and run with a big foot. Destination America has not announced the information about where the hit and run took place in Louisiana. I guess we would have to watch the episode to get the info...lame.

"Season Premiere: Saturday, February 4 at 10/9c
Three members of GCBRO speak at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference in Oklahoma, where they meet angry resistance from those who want Bigfoot left in peace. The team is called away to Louisiana, where new evidence has been unearthed following an alleged Bigfoot hit and run: a tiny primate-like skull with teeth, which they send to a DNA lab for testing. Several locals have reported seeing a small orangutan-like creature and hearing monkey-like sounds near the woods. GCBRO organize a night hunt during which they have a frightening close-encounter and then possibly capture footage of Bigfoot itself."

-Destination America 

Killing Bigfoot is a show that is searching for Big Foot "dead or alive". According to Monsters & Critics, this new series could spark a controversy.

“Science says it doesn’t exist…they don’t have a body. Our agenda is to go ahead and put one on the slab.” -says guy from the Show Trailer



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