This has to be the sweetest video of all time, right?

There's no doubt that twins share a relationship unlike any other. Think about it, if you were trapped inside a womb for nine months with someone, you'd be pretty close too!
We got to see this special relationship between twins up close and personal, and man it's hard not to shed a tear watching this.

A video has gone viral showing exactly how early on that bond can be formed.

In the footage, the father records his newborn twins as they cry like a newborns do. Then, though, something truly remarkable happens.

The two are really howling, until the nurse puts them next to each other, skin-on-skin.

Instantly, both babies stop crying.

To prove it was the two touching each other, the nurse separated them briefly, just long enough for them to start howling again, then immediately placed them back together.

It's so sweet, you have to see this!