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39 Under 39

We're proud to present Shreveport's first-ever 39 Under 39!

What we're looking for is simple. People that make Shreveport a better place to live. We're seeking your help to find 39 of the best Shreveporters we can find, under the age of 39. I know so many friends and co-workers who truly love Shreveport and make it a better place, so let's take time to nominate them, and give them the recondition they deserve.

For the next two weeks, we're taking all of your nominations, but there are a few things you should know. To make our inaugural 39 Under 39 list, absolutely no money is required. As someone who has been nominated for similar achievements in the past, it's important to me that I stress that this recognition requires no payment whatsoever. No membership dues, no nomination fee, no subscription, and no payment needed to receive your official 39 Under 39 certificate.

Another important point is that it doesn't matter what your last name is or what family you come from. We won't be making our choices based on sorority or political affiliation, we're simply looking for the best 39 representatives that truly make an impact in Shreveport.

We can't wait to read your nominations, please take a brief moment to fill out the form below. We will be accepting nominations until December 22nd at midnight. We'll announce our inaugural 39 Under 39 class on Monday, December 28th.

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