This Friday at the Robinson Film Center, the 10th Annual North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (NLGLFF) kicks off at 3:40 in the afternoon with the first of 11 films (and a hand-full of short films).  The festival is sponsored by the nonpartisan organization PACE, and will feature movies that focus on the hottest discussions and concerns of the LGBTQ community.

At what the calls "the Robinson Film Center's most successful event," you'll get more than the provocative and thought provoking films - you'll be able to get into the minds of the people who created them.  Several panels will be lined up throughout the festival, but perhaps no time would be better to meet the makers behind the magic than the NLGLFF reception Saturday night.  Accordion to the the official website, you can "Meet celebrity guests from Saturday Church including stars Luka Kain, Stephen Conrad Moore and Alexia Garcia, as well as costume designer Megan Spatz."

Between all of the films, the Q&A sessions, and the Sunday Drag Brunch - if this festival is on your to-do list, you 'll need to check out the schedule here.