Social services were called out to Nadya Sulemen, the Octomom’s house after her hair dresser blew the whistle on her unfit parenting and living situation. The hairdresser reported that there was only one working bathroom in the house with 14 kids, some that are still potty training. She set up some portable potties outside that the kids were using. The hairdresser said that Nadya would lock the kids up in the bathroom when she needed a break. She also claims that the kids looked unfed and hungry. Social services did an investigation but decided that they didn’t need to take any action against her.

Well now the pictures hit the internet and it looked like everything the hairdresser said was true. There are pictures of the kids using the bathroom outside. She also took a picture of the $520 check that Nadya wrote her for hair services after she got a Brazilian Blowout and hair products. Nadya wrote that check just two weeks after she announced that she was receiving $2k a month in public assistance.

Check out the pictures here.