Apparently stripping and 'movies' weren't enough to pay the bills... Octomom is now auctioning off dates to the highest bidder. Believe it or not, Octomom is dating for cash!Which begs the question, who would pay to go out with a woman with 14 rug rats? Most men I know would run screaming in the opposite direction. Recenlty, Nadya had been asking for donations online. She's been trying to raise $150,000 for a new house on I'm guessing that hasn't been successful. So, if my math is right, at $500 a date, it'll take her around 300 dates to raise the money she needs, then she has to worry about upkeep and baby sitters while she's out. Unless they can find a table for 16... This might not be the brightest idea she's ever had... Well, other than getting AI in the first place! All this from the woman who says she's celibate and then starts going out with a young hottie only to dump him later. SMH!